[FIRST COMPLETE GEOLOGICAL MAPS OF TURKEY] 1:800.000 ölçekli Türkiye jeoloji hartasi [sic. haritasi]. [i.e. Geological maps of Turkey scaled 1:800.000]. 8 maps set

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ENVER NECDET EGERAN (1907-2005), and ERWIN LAHN, Maden Tetkik ve Arama (MTA) / Kâgit ve Basim Isleri A.S., Istanbul, (1942-1944).

Eight offset lithograph maps mounted on cloth in a contemporary dark brown pandizot box with snakeskin motives. Maps are folded in the box. Maps' sizes: 55x75 cm, box size: 20x15x6 cm. In Turkish. "Fikret Silay" is written on the up corner of the box. Only the second sheet (Ankara Sheet) of the maps, is not mounted on cloth. Chipping on the upper right corner of this sheet, otherwise a very good set of maps.

Extremely rare offset lithograph set of the first complete Turkish geological maps. Mineral Research and Exploration Institute of Turkey, which was founded on June 22, 1935, according to law no: 2804 approved on June 14, 1935, by the New Republican Parliament, published these first completed geological maps of Turkey at a scale of 1:800,000 as a result of the geological researches carried out between 1941-1945. These rare maps come along an exceptional provenance of the collection of Tevfik Fikret Silay (1890-1959), who was a Turkish ex-Minister of Justice. 

The map set includes eight sheets:
I: Istanbul Paftasi [i.e. Istanbul (Constantinople) Sheet). II: Ankara Paftasi [i.e. Ankara (Angora) Sheet]. III: Sivas Paftasi [i.e. Sivas (Sebaste) Sheet]. IV: Erzurum Paftasi [i.e. Erzurum (Erzeron) Sheet]. V: Izmir Paftasi [i.e. Izmir (Smyrna) Sheet]. VI: Konya Paftasi [i.e. Konya Sheet]. VII: Malatya Paftasi [i.e. Malatya Sheet]. VIII: Musul Paftasi [i.e. Mosul Sheet].

With the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, in an effort to improve the mining sector and exploit mineral resources the government, "Oil Exploration and  Exploitation" and "Gold Exploration and Exploitation" were founded as two independent organizations under the Ministry of Economy in 1933.

Then, The institute of Mineral Research And Exploration was founded on June 22, 1935, according to law no: 2804 with the aim of exploration and exploitation of mineral reserves employing geological methods. The institute was entrusted with the task of exploring mineral resources and the location of quarries, finding them, and determining the suitability of their exploitation by carrying out required surveys, chemical, and technological analysis, and also training and providing qualified staff for the sector.

This rare and first geological map set of Turkey was the first complete description of the NAF (The North Anatolian Fault) prepared by German and Turkish engineers Dr. Lahn and Egeran between 1942-1944 in eight sheets. And regular behavior in terms of migration from east to west of major earthquakes
since 1939 was recognized by Egeran & Lahn.

As an engineer of the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute, Egeran managed the mining and oil exploration in the early Republican period and provided the first oil to be found in Raman. After retiring, he was the General Manager of an American Oil Company for 12 years. He also managed his own consulting company for 23 years.