[BEAUTIFUL CHROMOLITHOGRAPHED MAPS / OTTOMAN ATLAS] Yeni resimli ve haritali cografya-yi Osmanî. Mekâtîb-i Ibtidâiyye Devre-i Aliye birinci sinifa mahsus

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[OSMAN] SAFVET [GEYLANGIL], (1887-1944), Matbaa-yi Âmîre, Istanbul, [AH 1332] = 1916.

Contemporary red cloth. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 16 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). [1], 229, [1] p., many b/w and color ills., 30 chromo-lithographed maps.

Wear and fading on spine, some ex-library stamps on the colophon and several blank pages, ownership ink inscription and signature on the first page—overall a good copy.

First edition of this rare Ottoman atlas for the primary schools in the late Ottoman Empire, including beautiful 30 chromo-lithographed maps of the Ottoman land according to administrative regions (provinces) and richly illustrated with b/w plates of the cities and provinces in the Middle East.

Map list: 1. World map 2. Complete Imperial Ottoman 3. Arabian Peninsula 4. Anatolia 5. Asia Minor 6. Marmara and Black Sea 7. Aegean (The Archipelago) 8. Demography of Anatolia and Syria, Libya, etc 9. Administrative map of Anatolia 10. Map of mines of Anatolia 11. Agricultural map of the Imperial Ottoman 12. Arabian Peninsula 13. Map of the Edirne Vilayat [Adrianople Province of the Ottoman Empire] 14. Map of the Bosphorus 15. Map of the Hüdavendigâr Vilayat [Brusa Province] 16. Maps of Izmit and Biga Sanjaks 17. Map of Aydin Vilayat and Mentese Sanjak 18. Map of the Konya Vilayat 19. Maps of the Adana Vilayat and the Mediterranean Sea 20. Maps of the Erzurum and Ankara Vilayats 21. MAps of Kastamonu Vilayat and Bolu Sanjak 22. Map of the Trebizond Vilayat 23. Maps of the Van and Bitlis Vilayats 24. Maps of the Sivas and Harput Vilayats 25. Maps of the Bagdad and Basrah Vilayats 26. Map of the Mosul Vilayat and Day al-Zor Sanjak 27. Map of the Aleppo Vilayat and Urfa Sanjak 28. Map of the Syria and Beirut Vilayats 29. Map of the Arabia 30. Maps of the Yemen vilayat and Asir Sanjak.

This atlas was printed four times for the different classes of the early Turkish / Ottoman schools, during World War 1 (two times in 1916) and the National Struggle (two times in 1921).

Geylangil was born in Istanbul in 1887 and studied in Aleppo and Baghdad. Geylangil, who also studied economic geography, taught geography at many schools, including Galatasaray High School. Until his death, he wrote 14 books on geography, most of which were geographical atlases. In 1941, he was among the founding members of the Turkish Geographical Society.

Özege 23216.; TBTK 11481.; We couldn't find any copy of this edition worldwide.