[ATLAS OF ROUTES OF VESSELS / NAVIGATION] Martin'in manevra levhasiyla Batenberg'in rota müs'irinin sûret-i istimaline mahsûs talimat. [i.e. Martin's maneuvering plate and Batenberg's instruction for the use of the route master]

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NUSRET, Bahriye Matbaasi, Istanbul, [AH 1329] = 1913.

Modern light brown cloth bdg. gilt lettering on the front board. [1], 99 p., 36 numbered maps printed in black and red ink, 5 numbered folded plates. A fine copy.

First and only edition of this extremely rare atlas in user guide form including the instructions and descriptions of the routes of vessels by an advisor of the British naval officer and German prince related to the British royal family, Prince Louis Alexander of Battenberg (1854-1921), who was the first Marquess of Milford Haven, commanded the Atlantic Fleet from 1908 to 1910 and became first sea lord in 1912. This book was translated by Nusret, who was a lieutenant in the Ottoman Naval Forces in its period and prepared only for use of Turkish naval officers. The plates include the maneuver plate of an officer named "Martin", who is not able to be recognized.

Every map and plate depending on the current position of the ship has its own descriptive text.

Özege 12270.; Not in OCLC and Library Hub.

-- Cartography Navigation Atlas War Military history Middle East Map