[JESUIT INSTRUCTONS IN TURKISH / OTTOMAN LITERATURE] Muhtasar Hristiyan [sic] [Hiristiyan] talimati. Translated by A. M. K. (Cizvit tarikatindan).

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Peres Jesuites 11-15 Rue Serai Arkasi Ayaz Pacha = Beyoglunda Ayas Pasada Saray Arkasinda 11-15 Numerolu Cizvit Rahibler Kilisesi, Ist., 1928. 

Contemporary red cloth bdg. 16mo. (15 x 11 cm). Text in Ottoman script; some terminological words in French in text. 80 p. First, only, and early Turkish Edition of this extremely rare tractate on Jesuit instructions. There's a description on verso of imprint page like: "Memanat yoktur; J. B. Kosta J. T.'den 23 Kanun-u Sâni 1926'da tâb olunmuştur"; means it's printed from [original title] 'J. B. Kosta J. T.' in 1926, January 23. 'J. B.' should be Jerusalem Bible. This note is written by A. Rota according to the descriptive continuing text, and it goes on as 'Hasmetlü Papa hazretleri Dersaadet vekili, 25 Mart 1927' means 'The Pope the Great, his majesty, Dersaadet (Constantinople) delegate; 1927, 25 March'. This tractate was translated from the early Jesuit Christian instructions according to the Paris bishopric during the 17th century. It's printed by Jesuit Monks' Church in Beyoglu, Ayazpasa, in Constantinople. Just one copy in Bogaziçi University Library in OCLC: 949501963. Not in Özege. Extremely rare book on Jesuit literature in Turkey.