[WORLD WAR I / UKRAINE / RUSSIA / GERMANY] Three original photographs showing German and Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian front, German colonel Höfer and subordinates, and the Ukrainian statesmen and soldiers signing the peace protocol

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N. P., [ca. 1918].

Original three silver gelatin and sepia-toned photographs. (23x17,5 cm & 18x12,5 cm). Mounted small papers on the front side of photos have trilingual descriptions in German, Ottoman Turkish, and Arabic.

These photographs show the rare scenes from the Ukrainian front during World War I.

1-) Die Ukrainer beim Siegeln des Friedens Protokolls [i.e. The Ukrainians sealing the peace protocol]. 2-) Oberst Höfer, Kommandant der 17. Infanterie-Brigade, hat als Bataillon Kommandeur bein einem Sturm gegen die Russen, als er seinem Batallion Selbat vorausstürmte, den rechten Arm verloren [i.e. Colonel Höfer, commander of the 17th Infantry Brigade, lost his right arm as battalion commander in a rush against the Russians while charging ahead of his battalion in Selbat]. 3-) Deutsch-russischer Krakowiak an der ukrainischen Front (?) [i.e. German-Russian soldiers are dancing together on the Ukrainian front].