[VERY EARLY TURKISH DISCUSSIONS ON THE ALIVE CREATURES IN OTHER PLANETS] Baska dünyalarda canli mahlûkât var midir, yâhûd, fizik, kimya, ilm-i hayât nokta-i nazarindan seyyârâtda serâit-i hayâtiyenin tedkîki (Beseriyetin Fenden Sordugu Suâller 1).

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OSMAN NURI [ERALP], (1876-1940).

Darü'l-Hilâfetü'l-Aliyye / Sirket-i Mürettibiye Matbaasi., Ist., [1334 AR] = 1918.

Paperback. Very good in original wrappers. Demy 8vo. (22 x 15 cm). In Ottoman script. 59 p., 23 unnumbered b/w plates. Osman Nuri Eralp was a Turkish veterinarian and microbiologist. Eralp was born in Istanbul in the Ottoman Empire. He completed his university education at "Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Mülkiye" which was the medical school of Darülfünun [i.e. House of Multiple Sciences, name of Istanbul University in Ottoman era]. To continue studying for a post-graduate qualification, he attended Sorbonne and Pasteur Institute. After graduation, he worked as a veterinarian and also continued his researches. After the Constitutional Regime in 1908, he worked as a full-time academic at Istanbul University and Ankara University. He lectured on histology and embryology. He notably contributed to the field of bacteriology via his research on microorganisms (tuberculosis, anthrax, cholera, syphilis, gonorrhea), and the field of virology by his research on rinderpest. He wrote the first science fiction book in Turkey titled "Baska dünyalarda canli mahlûkât var midir" [i.e. Are there alive creatures in other worlds?]. (Wikipedia). The book discusses biological probability with semi-fictional texts on the possibility of life on planets in the Solar System in the light of scientific knowledge at the time of publication. Özege 1712.; TBTK 10040.; Not in OCLC.; First Edition. Extremely rare.