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REV. MATTHIAS BEDROSSIAN [MATATHEA PETROSEAN]. , Tparan i Srboyn Lazaru = S. Lazarus Armenian Academy, Venice, 1875.

In contemporary cloth bdg. with flowers embossing. Some foxing and stains on the first pages. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 16 cm). In Armenian and English. [2], [xxx], 786 p., 1 folded table describes the Armenian alphabet with its letters, sound, and pronunciation. With a parallel title page and additional half-title in Armenian and a list of errata and corrigenda. Double-column text. Preface bilingual in Armenian and English. Following that, the second title is 'Short Armenian grammar'. After abbreviations, the dictionary section begins. In the preface, there is a short history and origin of the Armenian language written by Bedrossian according to the conjuncture of the period, followed by his mentions of the necessity of this dictionary for the literature, etc.

Rare first edition of this early Armenian - English dictionary printed in Venice by Venetian Mekhitarists.

In 1875, Matthias Bedrossian undertook to update earlier Armenian dictionaries, and he succeeded in producing a completely reworked Armenian-English dictionary.

The most flourishing period of Venetian Armenians was in the 16th and 17th centuries, especially when Julfa and New Julfa merchants were based in the city. During the same period, Venice also became one of the most important Armenian publishing centers. It was in Venice (1512) that the first Armenian book was published by Hagop Meghabard. Until the founding of the Mekhiterists' printing press in San Lazzaro, there were 19 Armenian printing presses in Venice. (Source: Keghart).

Only two copies in OCLC as printed copy in Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire. OCLC 156112892.