Typescript letters signed 'Etem Izzet'.

Typescript letters signed 'Etem Izzet'.

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ETHEM IZZET BENICE, (Turkish writer, intellectual, journalist and deputy), (1903-1967).

Milliyet: Yevmî Siyasî Gazete, Ist., 1934. 

Original typescript letter signed by Etem [sic. Ethem] Izzet Benice. 31x21 cm. In Turkish. 10 lines. Addressed to S. Kaya who was Sümerbank Sugar Factory accounting officer, wants to be a reporter in Milliyet, including terms and requested documents. Dated 5th of May, 1934, Istanbul. Benice is the chief writer and editor of "Milliyet" and "Son Saat" newspapers. Benice's novels, which have also written by him, reflect the culture of the period, as well as the traces of the popular culture of the period. His novels are among the most popular and bestselling books of his time. 


Autograph Turkish journalism Intelligentsia