Typescript letter signed 'Vedat'' to an unnamed recipient

Typescript letter signed 'Vedat'' to an unnamed recipient

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VEDAT NEDIM TÖR, (Turkish politician, publisher of La Turquie Kémaliste), (1897-1985).


Resimli Hayat Aylik Dergi Letterhead, Istanbul, 1954.


Original typescript letter signed by Vedat Nedim Tör to an unnamed recipient, including an invitation that the new place of the new publishing house of Hayat (Dogan Kardes Printing House) located in Municipality, Klodfarer Street, and a meeting on Turkish theater on March 11, 1954. Dated I.III.1954. 21x17 cm. In Turkish. 1 p. "Hayat" [i.e. Life] magazine letterhead. 

Vedat Nedim Tör was born in the city of Istanbul in 1897. He was the son of Ahmet Nedim Servet Tör. He attended Galatasaray High School and completed his higher education at the University of Berlin. Having taken his Ph.D. in economics, he returned to Turkey. He served as the director at the Ankara State Radio and Directorate General of Press and Information. His writings were published in the newspapers Cumhuriyet and Vatan. Vedat Nedim, among the founders of İstanbul and Ankara State Radios, also served as a culture and art consultant for Yapıi Kredi Bank and Akbank. Among the stage plays he scripted were Issizler (1924), Kör (1935), Degisen Adam (1941), Hep ve Hiç (1951), and Halici Kiz (1975). Many of his theatre scripts were staged by several theater companies. Further, his play Halici Kiz was adapted to the silver screen by Muhsin Ertugrul in 1953. Vedat Nedim Tör passed away on April 8, 1985, in Istanbul. 

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