Typescript document - letter signed 'Jale Yilmabasar', addressed to Gültekin [Sâmanoglu], (1927-2003).

Typescript document - letter signed 'Jale Yilmabasar', addressed to Gültekin [Sâmanoglu], (1927-2003).

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JALE YILMABASAR, (Turkish painter and ceramicist), (1939-).

"Jale Yilmabasar Tatbiki Güzel Sanatlar Okulu Keramik Asistani" Letterhead.

Istanbul, 1966.

Original typescript document - letter signed by Jale Yilmabasar. (30,5x21,5 cm). In Turkish. 10 lines. A pair of puncher holes on the left side of the paper. Letter sent to Gültekin Sâmanoglu, (1927-2003), who was a Turkish poet and one of the founders of a very important literary magazine titled 'Hisar' in the Turkish literature. 1 p. She wrote to him that she received the Hisar magazines that he sent. She thanks and she apologizes that she couldn't call him. Yilmabasar is a Turkish painter and ceramicist. She was born in 1939 in Samsun, Turkey. Yilmabaser's career as a ceramic artist began while studying in the United States at Albany Union High School under an AFS scholarship. In addition to ceramics and painting, Yilmabaser also studied ballet for a large portion of her life. After high school, Yilmabaser returned to Turkey, where she studied ceramics at the State Academy of Fine Arts and the Istanbul Graduate School of Practical Fine Arts. She also studied painting and graphic design at Munich Academy. She graduated from the Department of Ceramic, School of Practical Fine Arts in the year 1962. After graduation, she held an internship at the Arzberg Schonwald Ceramic Factory in Germany. Yilmabaser also lectured at the University of Miami for one year in 1964. She served as a professor at Marmara University for many years. Yilmabaser held art exhibitions all over the world. Her first personal exhibition, "Jale's Roosters" was held in 1963.” After this, she went on to open and attend exhibitions in Paris, Munich, London, and Moscow, among other places. Because of her work, Yilmabaser was called upon to create many ceramic panels for hotels and institutes worldwide. In 1968, she was awarded a gold medal in the International Ceramic Competition in Italy, In 1969 she received a gold medal at the International Handicrafts Fair in Germany. She was also elected as one of the six best ceramic artists in the world in 1972. In 1998, she received the title "State Artist" from the Ministry of Culture of Turkey. One year later, she opened the most inclusive exhibition of her work, "15 years with Pictures," in which she showed fifteen years of her art and ceramic work This exhibition was held in the Istanbul Atatürk Culture Center.


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