[TWO JULES VERNE'S OTTOMAN EDITIONS BOUND TOGETHER] Sehr-i seyyâr: Bir deniz yolcusunun jurnali. Seyahat-i Harikûlade [= Une Ville Flottante] / Deniz feneri [= Le phare du bout du Monde]. Translated by Ali Selahaddin / Mustafa Refik.

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JULES VERNE, (1828-1905).

Istepan Matbaasi / Tercüman-i Hakikat Matbaasi., Ist., [AH 1308 / 1323] = [AD 1891 / 1905].

In 1/3 leather bdg. in Ottoman period. Six compartments at spine. Roy. 8vo. (24  17 cm). In Ottoman script. 2 books in 1: (139 p.; 288 p., b/w plates, 15 b/w planches). Ali Selahaddin was a famous Ottoman translator who is known with his translations from French literature into Ottoman Turkish in the period of Sultan Abdulhamid II, like Fernand Hue, Xavier de Montépin, Hector Malot, Hanri Depen, and Jules Verne. Mustafa Refik, (1867-1913), who is the translator of 'Deniz Feneri', was born in Istanbul. His mother is the daughter of Meveddet Hanim, the sister of Ahmet Mithat Efendi, (1844-1912). Mustafa Refik is an author who played an active role in the media and literature life between 1885-1912. Ahmet Mithat Efendi had important effects on Mustafa Refik throughout his writing life. As he knows French and English very well, he translated many works on science, geography, nature, health, and social as well as Western literature like British and French works of literature. Deniz Feneri is the first and only translation from Verne of him. Le phare du bout du Monde [i.e. The Lighthouse at the End of the World] is an adventure novel by French author Jules Verne. Verne wrote the first draft in 1901. It was first published posthumously in 1905. The plot of the novel involves piracy in the South Atlantic during the mid-19th century, with a theme of survival in extreme circumstances, and events centering on an isolated lighthouse. Verne was inspired by the real lighthouse at the Isla de Los Estados, Argentina, near Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn. This book was translated into Ottoman Turkish in the same year when the original French title was published. A Floating City, or sometimes translated The Floating City is an adventure novel by French writer Jules Verne first published in 1871 in France. At the time of its publication, the novel enjoyed a similar level of popularity as Around the World in Eighty Days. The first UK and US editions of the novel appeared in 1874. This first Turkish / Ottoman edition is in 1891, after 20 years of its original publishing. Özege 18700 / 3772. First Edition(s).