[TWO BOOKS BOUND TOGETHER: THE LAST EVENTS IN ZEYTUN and VIEWS OF ISTANBUL ARMENIANS FAMILY LIFE] Zêyt'uni verjin dêpkêrê, 1919-1921: Veraprogh Zêyt'unts'ineru dardze Hayrenik', verjin herosamarte

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Tpagrut'iwn A. Gasapean, Alexandria - Egypt, 1922.


In contemporary full leather bdg. Roy. 8vo. (22 x 16 cm). In Armenian. 239 p.; 95 p., b/w ills.

Zeytun, whose name is Süleymanli today, was an ancient settlement center founded on the Zeytun River in a narrow valley at the feet of steep and woody Mount Berit, which has an altitude of 3014 meters and is between the Göksun River and the Ceyhan River in the northwest of Marash. The region where Zeytun is situated is quite indented as it has many rivers which are watery and have shoot. The place is called Zeytun (Olive) as both sides of the mountains had olive trees in large quantities (Ahmet Cevdat Pasha, 1991, 120-121). Zeytun County, which is part of the Marash Sandjak of the Aleppo Province, is a place of great significance in terms of the development of Turkish-Armenian relations. This book focused on Zeitun events in the last period of 19th century. Second book in same volume includes the subject of 'The family life of Istanbul Armenians'.

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# Süleymanli (Kahraman Maras Ili, Turkey) -- History. Armenians -- Turkey.Armenian massacres, 1915-1923. Question Deportation Armenica Armenians Peoples Tehcir Migration