[TREBIZOND EMPIRE / BYZANTINE / CARTOGRAPHY] The littoral of the Empire of Trebizond in two fourteenth century portolano maps. Separatum "Arkheion Pontou"

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ANTHONY [APPLEMORE MORNINGTON] BRYER, (1937-2016), Typographeion M. Murtidi, Thiseos, Athinais (Athens), 1961.

Original wrappers. Roy. 8vo. ('4 x 17 cm). In English. pp. 97-127, 9 b/w plates.

This offprint from the Greek journal published in a long run from 1928 to 1961 in 24 volumes, examines the 14th-century coastline of the Byzantine Empire of Trebizond with toponyms and topography on two portolan maps of the period.

"Bryer was a British historian of the Byzantine Empire and founder of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman, and Modern Greek Studies at the University of Birmingham. Part of his childhood was spent in Jerusalem and he was acquainted with Sir Steven Runciman, historian, and Byzantine Scholar. He initially remained at Balliol for his doctorate on the Empire of Trebizond, which he completed in 1967, but in 1964 he moved to the University of Birmingham where he created a program in Byzantine studies. In 1975 he founded the journal Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. From 1976, he was the founding Director of the Centre for Byzantine Studies, and in 1980 he was appointed Professor of Byzantine Studies, a post which he held until 1999." (Wikipedia).

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