[TWO TRAVEL ACCOUNTS OF MECCA & MEDINA IN ARABIC] Kitab majmûât [.] fadhâil al-Haramayn wa al-Quds.. [i.e. The book of rites and routes of Hajj and the virtues and the descriptions of the Haramayn, Jerusalem and Hajj and all surrounding...]

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RAHMATALLAH B. ABDALLAH B. IBRÂHÎM AL-SINDHÎ AL-OMARÎ AL-MADANÎ, (?-1585); AHMAD ZIYA AL-DIN GÜMÜSHANAWÎ, (1813-1891), Matbaat al-Mahmoudiyya, Istanbul, [AH 1289] = 1873.

COMPLETE TITLE: [TRAVELS TO MECCA IN ARABIC / TWO HAJJ RITES AND ROUTES IN ONE] Hadhâ kitab majmûât al-manâsik fî nisak al-haj wa fadhâil al-Haramayn wa al-Quds wa al-Haj wa al-mujawar alâ at-tafsîl. [i.e. The book of rites and routes of Hajj and the virtues and the descriptions of the Haramayn, Jerusalem and Hajj and all surrounding areas in detail]

Original quarter leather bdg. with a flap in the traditional Ottoman style. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). In Arabic. [16], 432 p. A fine copy. The book is lithographed throughout in naskh script, the first 16 leaves comprising a comprehensive index and the page preceding decorated with biomorphic motifs in the hatâyî style.

First Arabic edition of exceedingly scarce intertwined two travel accounts with complete rites and ceremonies of Islamic pilgrimage (haj and umrah) and the descriptions of Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem with surrounding areas in the Arabian Peninsula and the Holy Land, by two Muslim scholars, merchants and travelers al-Sindhi (16th century) and Gümüshanawî (19th century) including their classical texts titled "Majmuat al-manasik" and "Jami al-manasik". In this rare book, the two texts are intertwined, separated by frames on the pages. Gümüshanawi's "manasik" was translated into Ottoman Turkish and published in the same year.

Rahmat ibn Abdallah al-Sindhi (d. 1585) was a Hanafi scholar from Sindh in present-day Pakistan. He later moved to Medina and afterward Mecca, where he died. His travel account is a classic including the 16th-century haj rites and routes.

Ahmad Gümüshanawi (1813-1891) was one of the distinguished scholars and Sufis who lived during the Ottoman period in the 19th century. He was also one of the members of the Khalidiyye Branch of the Naqshbandiyya Order. He was famous for his studies of Hadith and Sufism. His travel account is a classic as well, including the 19th-century haj rites and routes. These two sources were very popular among Islamic society in the 19th century.

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