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HALIT [HALID] ZIYA TÜRKKAN, (Tapu ve Kadastro Sabik Umum Müdürü - Turkish cartographer, engineer), (1886-1966).

Basvekâlet Devlet Matbaasi, Ankara, 1955.

Paperback. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). In Turkish. 240, [12] p.

Halid Ziya was born in Izmir, Tire. He went to Istanbul and continued to Hendese-i Mülkiye and Engineer Mekteb-i Âlîsi for seven years. After starting with "Aydin Province Umur-i Nafia Third Class Engineering", Halid Ziya Bey, who continued to work as a deputy chief engineer on 14 March 1910, left Aydin and returned to Istanbul after continuing this duty for about six and a half months. As a teacher, he taught Accounting, Algebra, Geometry, and Topography at Halkali Ziraat Mekteb-i Âlîsi and Darussafaka. Halid Ziya Bey, who was appointed as a teacher of Hendese and Cosmography in Kabatas High School, started to practice the profession of engineering and cadastral, which was his main specialty in 1327. After the First World War, the Istanbul Government started its activities in order to capture and neutralize Halid Ziya Bey and his friends. Upon the harsh measures taken, Halid Ziya Bey had to live as a fugitive in the Hasirci Mountains of Eskisehir for a while with the armed force attached to him. Halid Ziya Bey, who was involved in the movement in Anatolia until the end of the National Liberation Struggle, returned to his engineering duty after the proclamation of the Republic and was included in the cadastral works again. In 1925, Halid Ziya Bey was appointed as the Head of the Science Committee of the new cadastre organization. He wrote 5 books on cadastre, photogrammetry, trigonometry, and cadastral tools in 1928 and 1929. In addition, as a result of personal work in 1928, the road between the provincial division of the Republic of Turkey with cities has prepared a comprehensive map to show up in the forest and mining.

(Source: Kadastro ne idi, nedir, ne olacaktir, Kadioglu - Yildirir. From Preface.). This rare book includes the collection of Türkkan's early topography lessons.

Signed and inscribed by Halid Ziya. Not in OCLC.; MK (Turkish National Library) 000187218. 

Topography Map-making Turkish cartography The Republican Turkey Science