[THE MIRROR OF ARABIAN PENINSULA, YEMEN, MECCA AND MEDINA] Mir'ât al-Haramayn: Mir'at al-Mecca, Mir'at al-Medina; Mir'at al-Jazirat al-'Arab. 8 volumes set.

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Matbaa-i Bahriye [i.e. Naval Press]., Istanbul, [Hegira / Hijri: 1306] = 1888.

A corpus of Ayyub Sabri Pasha including his account of the Arabian Peninsula, Mir'at al-Mecca in two volumes, 1175 pp., Mir'at al-Medina in five volumes, 1343 pp., Mir'at Jazirat al-'Arab in one volume, 416 pp. Each red, black, burgundy, or brown half morocco, raised bands to the spines with decorative gilded in compartments and boards. Medina (five volumes) in separate red half moroccos with fine 'Basmalah' and 'Mir'at al-Haramayn' lettered gilt on front boards in fine decorative and calligraphic Kufic script. Mecca (two volumes) in fine brown half morocco traditional flowers embossing and gilded on boards, Jazirat al-Arab is in black half morocco with marbled boards. Not homogeneous endpapers. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). In Ottoman script. 29 plates, 4 panoramic views, plates, and plans, 1 folded map. 8 volumes set. Occasional marginal tears, a few tears repaired with adhesive tape, minor browning of text. Restored one volume's spine. Otherwise a very good set. Ayyub Sabri Pasha, who served as the second head of the Islahât-i Bahriyye [i.e. Improvements of the Naval Forces] Commission under the directory of Muhâsebât-i Bahriyye [i.e. Accounting of the Naval Forces] and was a civil servant in the Hejaz for a long time, was also interested in the history of the region. The information he collected as a result of his researches and long and detailed observations in the Hejaz and other regions in the Arabian Peninsula formed the basis of his later corpus. Ayyub Sabri Pasha was an Ottoman naval officer. A graduate of the naval college, he held various appointments and served for a while in both the Ḥedj̲âz and Yemen. He died in Istanbul in 1308/1890. He was the author of a number of historical and descriptive works on Arabia, including the present account of Mecca and Medina (Mir'ât al-Ḥaramayn , 3 vols., Istanbul 1301-6), and a history of the Wahhâbîs ( Ta'rîkh-i Wahhâbiyyân, Istanbul 1296) which includes details about the beginning and spread of Wahhabism in the Arabian Peninsula. Besides these, he wrote a biography of the Prophet called Maḥmûd al-Siyar (Edirne 1287). (Source: Bernard Lewis: Encyclopaedia of Islam). Özege 13760.; Not in OCLC as a set. A very attractive and rare set.