[THE COLD WAR / PERIODICALS FINANCED BY AMERICA / SOVIETS / ISLAMIC WORLD] Kafkasya = Der Kaukasus: Millî Istiklâl mefkûresini yayar aylik mecmua. Agustos 1951 – Aralik 1952. 17 issues SET

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Owner: ALI HAN KANTEMIR, Verlag der "Kaukasus", München (Munich), 1951.

17 issues in contemporary dark green cloth, all covers saved inside, Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). Text in Turkish.

Extremely rare complete set of the first period of this periodical published in Munich by the Azerbaijani leaders of the Caucasus National (Independence) Committee, financed by the American intelligence against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, containing important articles and studies on the region’s social structure, historical geography, printing history, Azerbaijani and Russian relations, etc. After these first 17 issues, the periodical changed its name to "Birlesik Kafkasya Dergisi (Vereinigtes Kaukasien)".

During the First and Second World Wars, Germany contacted the ethnic and religious elements of the allied and hostile states and benefited from these powers, especially in the field of intelligence. During the Cold War, activities such as public opinion and intelligence gained more importance, and the United States and the Soviet Union entered an ideological struggle, especially with their press and broadcasting activities. For this purpose, Munich was designated as the propaganda centre by the American intelligence units, and a committee was established here under the name of "American Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia", which consisted of anti-Soviet groups and was financed by the United States. A periodical called Journal was published by the Institute for the Learning of the Soviet Union.

"Kafkasya" was published in three languages separately, Turkish, Russian, and English. This collection is a Turkish edition. The periodical has important articles by Mehmet Emin Resulzade from Azerbaijan, Mirza, Bala Mehmetzade, Süleyman Tekiner, Naki Keykarun, Mehmet Kengerli, Mustafa Hakki Türkekul; and some important writers from the Caucasia such as Alihan Kantemir, Ahmet Nami Magoma, Aytek Namitok, Kadircan Kafli, Colonel G. Tokayev, Nureddin Golbaç, etc.

The first issue of the magazine, which each issue is approximately 30-35 pages, contains the first speech of Resulzâde to “the Voice of America radio (VOA)” on 26 August 1951. This is a significant political speech criticizing Soviet Russian imperialism and a call for independence from Azerbaijan.  

The periodical includes the first examples of the struggle between non-Russians and non-Bolshevik Russians in the diaspora in America and Europe. (Demirci). In an article about the journal named "Sosyalisticeyski Vestnik" published by the Russians in America, it is pointed out that the right of independence to the nations should only be given after the plebiscites, in this case, Stalin's population policies would work, and the Russians would easily interfere in the determination of the fate of the regions.

Overall, this periodical is of special importance to understanding the reality of the Cold War Era and the social and political history of the Caucasus under the shadow of the Soviet Union and America's relations.

Provenance: The Baraz Family Collection, from Ahmet Ziya Baraz.