[THE BOOK OF STARS: TURKISH FORTUNE TELLING WITH ZODIAC] Yildiznâme-i Hüseynî: Burûc ve ecrâm-i semaviyenin insanlar üzerindeki tesîrâtini, sark ve garb ulemâsinin bu husûsdaki netâyîc-i tedkîkâtini muhtevî simdiye kadar misli yazilmamis bir eserdir.

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Kitabhâne-i Sudî / Necmi-i Istikbâl Matbaasi., [AR 1339 = AH 1341] = 1923, Ist.

Contemporary dark cloth bdg. in its period with ornamental art-nouveau embossing on board. Title gilded on spine in Turkish with Latin alphabet, probably in ca. 1930s. Foxing on pages and edges. Several notes b pencil in Ottoman script by ex-owner. Otherwise a good copy. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script (Turkish with Arabic letters). 141, [2] p., [blank pages]. This book generally describes the types of "Ilm-i nücum", using the letter symbolism of worshiping the stars, making sense of the positions and movements of the stars, and looking at fortune-telling with the zodiac. In addition, the book, which uses the mawâlid (prophecy by looking at the position of the star in the zodiacal zone during human birth) and ihtiyârât (deciding by choosing the times that are considered auspicious and ominous), mentions a system based on seven planets, twelve lunar months and twelve signs. For those who want to learn about the future from the stars, the book tells that each of the seven days of the week is under the influence of a star according to classical teaching and counts these stars: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. OCLC 33196122, 780209495.; Özege 23441. First Printed Edition.