[THE BOOK OF CRIMEAN KHAN IN AUSTRIAN EXPEDITION] Zafernâme-i Sabit: Selim Giray'in bir gazâsinadir. [i.e. The book of victory of Selim Giray the Crimean Khan]

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BOSNIAC ALAEDDIN SABIT, (1650-1712)., Matbaa-yi Ebüzziya., Istanbul, [AH 1299] = 1882.

Original wrappers. Slight foxing on covers. Otherwise a good copy. 16mo. (16 x 10 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 46 p.

Scarce first printed edition of "the book of Selim" or "the book of Gaza", comprising of 426 couplets written in the name of the Crimean Khan Selim Giray (1631-1704), who was called to the Austrian Expedition during the reign of Sultan Suleiman II, in the style masnavi. Published by Ebüzziya Mehmed Tevfik (1849-1912) in 1882 [AH 1299] who was a famous Ottoman intellectual and publisher.

Although it is said that the work, which is also known as "Gazânâme" and "Selimnâme", is related to Kaçanik or Hungarian Expedition in some sources, the work tells about the Prekop victory won by Selim Giray. Second published in 1911.

Selim I Giray or Selim Khan Girai rules for four terms the khan of the Crimean Khanate in the period from 1671 to 1704. During this period, Crimean khans were regularly appointed and replaced by the Ottomans. The main events of the period were the continuing conflicts in Ukraine, the Russian capture of Azov, and the Great Turkish War during which the Turks were pushed back from Vienna to the line around Belgrade.

Özege 23601.