[THE BLACK SEA / NAVIGATION] Karadeniz kilavuzu: Ingiltere Bahriye Nezâreti tarafindan nesrolunan Bahr-i Siyah rehberleri vesâireden telfîk sûretiyle yazilmistir. [i.e. Guide to the Black Sea]. Translated by Mehmed Hikmet

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Prep. by MEHMED HIKMET, (19. century), Matbaa-i Bahriye [i.e. The Naval Press], Istanbul, [AH 1313] = 1896.

Contemporary quarter brown leather bdg. Cloth boards. Large roy. 8vo. (24 x 18 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). [2], [5], 418 p.,

First and only edition of this early, probably the most comprehensive and uncommonly scarce pilot guide to the Black Sea by a navigator of the Ottoman navy, describing the shores of the Black Sea from western to eastern shores. As indicated in the title, "it has been compiled from the guides to the Black Sea published in England with annotations".

Rare index of toponyms in bilingual in English and Ottoman Turkish (with Arabic and Latin letters) of the rivers, points, lights, towns, capes, villages, lakes, mounts and mountains, places of anchorage, banks, rocks, harbors, ruined ancient cities, spits, gulfs, seas, islands, valleys, farms, coal mines, bays, reefs, roads, passes, ferries, roadsteads, coves, towers, etc. at its maximum extent it included at the end (pp. 382-418).

Özege 10188.