Tarihçe-yi Afganistan. [i.e. History of Afghanistan]

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YENISEHIRLI HALID EYÜB, (Turkish author and 'Köy Mektupçusu', Groom of Ahmed Midhat Efendi), (18??-1902).


Malûmat Kütübhanesi / Bâb-i Âlî Caddesinde Tahir Bey'in 40 Numerolu Matbaasinda Tab' Olunmusdur., Isanbul, [1316 AH], 1899.


Paperback. Foolscap 8vo. (18 x 13 cm). In Ottoman script (Turkish with Arabic letters). 80 p., [10] unnumbered b/w plts.

Yenisehirlizâde Halit Eyüp was the son-in-law of Ahmet Midhat Efendi, one of the shaded names of Turkish literature. This rare book has 10 unnumbered b/w plates shows firstly Abd Al-Rahman Khan, (1845-1901), who was Emîr of Afghanistan and played a prominent role in the fierce and long-drawn struggle for power waged by his father and his uncle, A'ẓam Khân, against his cousin Shîr 'Alî, the successor of Dōst Moḥammad Khân. And then, Khaybar Fortress, Peshaver city in India, Tajik chief of Afghanistan: Maaz Khan (two-paged print), a view of Kabul city (two-paged print), Ghaznawid Fortress, North Gate of Kandahar, Herat Fortress (two-pages print), Cohat Fortress, a portrait of Afghan Sufi. An extremely rare and richly illustrated book of the history of Afghanistan. Hegira: 1316 = Gregorian: 1899. First and Only Edition. TBTK 12178.; Özege 19966.; Three copies located in OCLC: 944246927 (One copy in Library of Congress - Karl Süssheim Collection, No. 7.).; 163633157 (Orient-Institut Istanbul and Bayerische Staatsbibliothek). 

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