[SOUTH AFRICA] Life overseas South Africa (Philips' 'New-Prospect' Readers)

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ERNEST YOUNG, SAMUEL GILMOUR., G. Philip & Son, Ltd., 1937.

Original wrappers. Foolscap 8vo. (18,5 x 12 cm). In English. 72 p., b/w ills. and one map. Slight toning on cover and extremities of pages. 

First and only edition of this richly illustrated 1930s book describing the manufacturers, geography, economy, railways, etc. of South Africa.

"This little book does not pretend to be a complete Geography of South Africa. In particular, all accounts of South African manufacturers, and of life in cities, are purposely omitted. We have confined ourselves mainly to basic occupations which are the outcome of the physical characteristics of the country, and on which the economic life of South Africa is built up. Most of the illustrations are from photographs belonging to the South African Railways. We are grateful to the 1820 Memorial Settlers' Association for the free loan of some of these, and to the High Commissioner for South Africa for the loan of others." (From the preface of authors).

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