[SIBERIA / RUSSIA] Sibirya'dan. [i.e. Aus Siberien = From Siberia]. Translated by Ahmet Temir

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FRIEDRICH WILHELM RADLOFF, (1837-1918), Maarif Vekâleti, Istanbul, 1956-1957.

Original wrappers. Roy. 8vo. (23 x 16 cm). In Turkish. 4 volumes set: (631 p.; 299 p.; 555 p.), with a folded huge map in the end-pocket of the fourth and the last volume.

Rare first Turkish Edition of Radloff's 'Aus Sibirien' [i.e. From Siberia], offering the first precise, systematic treatment of Central Asiatic ethnography and significant scientific study of the Turkic peoples.

Radlov engaged in Oriental studies at the University of Berlin during the 1850s, and after completing his education he taught in a secondary school at Barnaul in southwestern Siberia. During that period he had close contact with the Turkic people of the Sayan and Altai mountains and began his ethnographic, textual, and linguistic studies. Following his return to St. Petersburg, Radlov published a general ethnography of northern and Central Asia, Aus Sibirien (1884), which advanced a three-stage theory of cultural evolution for the region-hunting to pastoral to agricultural-with shamanism as the main religion.

Radloff was a Russian - German scholar and orientalist, he is also known by his Russian name Vasilij Vasilievich Radlov. From 1850-70, Radloff traveled to Siberia, Altai, and Turkestan where he conducted studies in local languages, anthropology, and archaeology. Organizing the Russian Committee for the Study of Central and East Asia, Radoff was very active in raising the level of Central Asian and Turkic studies in Russia. In 1918, he organized a team to travel to Turfan. He became a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1884.

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