[SIBERIA / BUDDHISM / TUVA] Buddanin amidirali: Burun ariglal-hostaliliskinga çetken indii taji. [i.e. Buddha's way]

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HAMMALAWA SADDHATISSA MAHA THERA, (1914-1990), Tivanin Nom Indirer Çeri, Kyzyl (Tuva Republic), 1993.

Paperback. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Tuvinian (Tiva - Tuva language). 50 p., b/w ills. Some stains on the top edges of the pages. Otherwise a good copy.

Uncommon Tuvinian translation of Saddhatissa's 'Buddha's way', originally published first in 1971. The Tuvans or Tuvinians are a Turkic ethnic group living in southern Siberia. Some Tuvinians are still widely practiced alongside Tibetan Buddhists.

The Ven. Prof. Hammalawa Saddhatissa Maha Thera was an ordained Buddhist monk, missionary, and author from Sri Lanka, educated in Varanasi, London, and Edinburgh. He was a contemporary of and in many ways equal to Walpola Rahula, also of Sri Lanka.

(ISBN: 5765503241). We couldn't trace any copy in OCLC.