[SECRET TREATIES / ANGLO-PERSIAN AGREEMENT OF 1919] Manzûme-yi Sulh ve re'y-i Dânîsh [ve tercümesi]. [i.e. Peace agreement and views of Mirzâ Dânîsh]. Translated into Ottoman Turkish by Ferid [Kam].

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Matbaa-i Zelliç [i.e. Zellitch Brothers Printing House]., Ist., [ca. 1920].

First Edition of this extremely rare bilingual tractate including Prince Reza Khan's thoughts on Anglo-Persian agreement in1919.

Mirza Reza Khan also known as Prince Rezâ Arfa', was a diplomat and poet of the late Qajar period who serviced in Constantinople. During his years of service abroad Reza became acquainted with a number of European political leaders. He was reported to entertain Russian sympathies and was certainly instrumental in negotiating the first Russian government loan to Persia, in 1317 / 1900. Nevertheless, he also appears to have supported the Anglo-Persian Agreement of 1919. In 1332 / 1914 he served as minister of justice (wazîr-e 'adlîya) in Tehran for about a year. This agreement in 1919 was a provisional agreement made between the British and the Persian governments which, if ratified, would have granted the British a paramount position of control over the financial and military affairs of Iran. From the days when Napoleon conceived the idea of invading India with the help of Alexander I, the Tsar of Russia, Great Britain contemplated with apprehension the invasion of India by Russia via Persia and Afghanistan. Under the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907 (q.v.), which divided Persia into rival spheres of influence, southern Persia was assigned to Britain while Russia controlled the northern portion. Later, according to the terms of "The Secret Treaties of Constantinople" of 18 March 1915, Constantinople was promised to Russia, and England was allowed to incorporate within her sphere of influence the neutral zone of Persia. (Source: Encyclopedia Iranica).

Original wrappers. Slightly chipped on extremities and occasionally foxing on cover. Otherwise a very good copy. Roy. 8vo. (23 x 16 cm). Bilingual in Persian and Ottoman script. [34] p., 7-18 pp. text in Persian, 19-34 pp. translation to Ottoman Turkish, a portrait of Prince Mirza Riza Han with a printed signature and inscription, and facsimile litho page of his manuscript poem in his calligraphy. Turkish chapter is in nashkh, Persian chapter is in taliq script. Lithography. Not in OCLC.; Özege 25155.; TBTK 8061. First Edition. Extremely rare.