[SECOND TURKISH EDITION of 'DAS KAPITAL'] Kapital. Translated from Carlo Cafiero, (1846-1892), by Suphi Nuri Ileri, (1887-1945).

[SECOND TURKISH EDITION of 'DAS KAPITAL'] Kapital. Translated from Carlo Cafiero, (1846-1892), by Suphi Nuri Ileri, (1887-1945).

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KARL MARX, (1818-1883).

Ileri Bibliyotegi No. 1 / Bozkurd Matbaasi, Ist., 1936.

Paperback. Chipped extremities and small tears at the corners of cover and colophon. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In modern Turkish. 128 p. This is an extremely rare second edition of 'Das Kapital'. It's not a complete translation, it's translated by Carlo Cafiero's annotated edition. Carlo Cafiero, (1846-1892), was an Italian anarchist, champion of Mikhail Bakunin during the second half of the 19th century, and one of the main proponents of insurrectionary anarchism and anarcho-communism during the First International. In 1864, he moved to Naples, where he got a degree in law. He then went to Florence to embark on a diplomatic career. Here, he first came into contact with atheist ideas, through the Rationalist movement. At the beginning of 1870, he was in Paris as a guest of the painter Giuseppe De Nittis, a fellow townsman who described him as a "beautiful young man, fascinating to women". He then went to London, where he matured, renouncing his diplomatic career, wealth, and family to join the revolution and socialism. It seems that hearing the enthralling rally of a shoemaker caused Cafiero to become conscious of the pitiful conditions of the working class. In London, Cafiero made contact with Marx and Engels. He joined the International Workingmen's Association and was charged with winning Italy over to Marx's ideology, in a country where workers were under the strong influence of the Republicanism of Giuseppe Mazzini or in some places the Anarchism of Mikhail Bakunin. He re-formed the old branch of the International in Naples, with the help of the young Errico Malatesta. There, during an assembly, he was imprisoned for the first time. Cafiero spent over a year in Italy as a representative of Marx and Engels to hinder the influence of anarchism. During his imprisonment, his contacts with the International never ceased and Cafiero wrote his best-known work: A Compendium of Das Kapital, published in 1879 in Milan by the publishers of La Plebe. The work was appreciated and praised by Karl Marx, the author of the original book, who found it superior to other similar works. The Compendium was written in order to bring the theory of Das Kapital to students, educated workmen, and small proprietors. Suphi Nuri Ileri, (1887-1945), was a Turkish politician and writer. He was the brother of Celâl Nuri Ileri. Together in 1918, they founded the Turkish nationalist magazine "Ileri". In 1936 he produced the Turkish translation of Karl Marx's Capital: Critique of Political Economy. (Source: Wikipedia). Only four institutional copies in Worldcat; OCLC 63101346. 

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