[RARE TURKISH SCHOOL MAP OF AFRICA] Afrika: Müderris Fayik Sabri Beyin talebe haritalari. No: 3. 25 kurus. Kanaat Kütüphanesi. [i.e. Africa: From the corpus of school maps by Mr. Faik Sabri]

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FAIK SABRI [DURAN], (Turkish geographer, educator, cartographer, journey writer), (1882-1943)., Kanaat Kütüphanesi / Universum Matbaasi [i.e. Universum Printing House], Istanbul, 1930.

Original pictorial wrappers. Chromo-lithographed photo-montage collage cover with seven b/w photos of African buildings and natives, and a red map of Africa. Complete in wrappers and folded huge Africa map (size: 57 x 82 cm). Cover size: 28.5 x 20.5 cm. In Turkish. Scale: 1/20,000,000.

A very rare chromo-lithographed Africa map, prepared for the geography lessons about foreign countries in Turkey in 1930. The map shows the territories of the African continent, which was still politically under European colonialism as of the 1930s. It includes Rio de Oro (Spanish territory), Fas [i.e. Morocco], Algeria, Sahara, Cameroon (French territories), Trabulus [i.e. Libya] as Italian territory; and Liberia, Egypt, East Sudan, Eritre [i.e. Eritrea], Habesistan [i.e. Ethiopia], Somali, Kenya, Belgian Kongo, Angola, Mozambique and South African land including Rhodesia (equivalent in the territory to modern Zimbabwe), Transvaal, The Orange Free State [Oranje-Vrystaat], Natal and Kap [Cape] with Madagascar. An extra panel for the same scale map showing the Suez Canal, Nile Delta, and North Egypt in the lower-left corner.

Duran studied in Istanbul and Paris. He worked as a geography teacher in various high schools and afterward he undertook the positions of lecturer and administrator in Ankara Gazi Education Institute for a time. He was known for his writings on various topics and particularly for his works on geography. Born in the imperial period, Duran conducted the first cartographic studies of the Republic of Turkey after the transition to the Republican administration.

Sealed. Slight foxing. Otherwise a fine copy. Not in OCLC.