[RARE SEPARATE OTTOMAN MAP OF MESOPOTAMIA] Nehreyn haritasi: Cografyâ-yi askerî ve Osmânî derlerine mahsûs. [i.e. Map between two rivers: For the lessons of Ottoman military schools].

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OSMAN NURI, (Turkish / Ottoman captain and geography teacher in Ottoman military schools), (19th-20th century)., Mekteb-i Harbiye Matbaasi [i.e. Military School Printing House]., [pre-1915], Ist.

Extremely rare separate chromo-lithograph map with brown, blue, red, and white colors, showing Mesopotamia from north of Lake Van to Basra Bay, Shatt al-Arab. On the west, can be seen Caspian Sea. Very detailed topographic map including the Euphrates and the Tigris area with mountains, rivers, lakes as well as Iran, Azerbaijan, Al-Jazirah, and Russia. This map is one of the materials which was prepared for the lessons of the Ottoman military schools. Mapmaker is a teacher in these schools with his rank of captain, Osman Nuri (later senior captain). The use of maps was very important for imperial geography lessons in these schools. Ottoman military schools trained many cartographers. This map is one of the rarest examples in this shape (especially for its size) with no date. It's easily understood that it was printed before 1915. Original attractive chromo-lithograph map. (85x60 cm). In Ottoman script (Turkish with Arabic letters). Folding traces. Not in OCLC.; Not in TBMM Library, and Istanbul Technical University. Extremely rare.