[RARE PAMPHLET OF GUILLEMINOT PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENTS] Giyomino mamûlâti. [i.e. Products of Guilleminot].

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GUILLEMINOT (R. Guilleminot, Bœspflug et Cie), (French photographic paper and plate manufacturer), (1858-1994)., N. p. [Guilleminot], [N.p.]., [ca. 1920s].

Original illustrated and decorative wrappers. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 14, [2] p., 9 unnumbered b/w ills.

Early unusual and attractive pamphlet including French photographic papers and plates of famous French manufacturer Guilleminot's products printed for the Ottoman Empire, pre-Republic in 1923. Guilleminot (R. Guilleminot, Bœspflug et Cie) based in Paris, France was a photographic paper, and plate manufacturer established by Gustave Guilleminot in 1858. The company closed in 1994, but employee Guy Gerard (a chemical engineer for 30 years) went on to start a new company, Bergger. The suburb of Chantilly in Paris was the headquarters for Guilleminot (also known as R. Guilleminot, Boespflug et Cie), which, founded in 1858, was one of the oldest photographic paper manufacturers in the world. Popular Guilleminot brands included Riviera, Étoile, and Dinox. This rare product brochure and advertisement pamphlet indicate that this photographer was very active in the Ottoman market.

Not in Özege.; Not in OCLC. Extremely rare.