[RARE ISSUES OF WAR TIME BOSNIAN PERIODICAL] Why: Publication for human rights and peace. Sarayevo War Issues: ’92-’94-’95 (3 war issues).

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Edited by IBRAHIM SPAHIC (1952-), The International Peace Centre, Sarajevo, 1992-1995.

Three issues with the original wrappers. 4to. (30 x 21 cm). In English. 30, [2] p., 38, [2] p., 67, [1] p., profusely illustrated.

Rare three issues of this monthly Bosnian War period anti-war periodical published during the war in English mainly documenting the cultural resistance of Sarajevo against the Serbian siege, and different international solidarity initiatives in support of this resistance with modern Bosnian art and artists of the period with exhibition news and artist interviews.

The editor-in-chief is Ibrahim Spahic, the president of the International Peace Centre in Sarajevo and director of the X Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean. The first issue was published in December 1991. Spahic writes for the first issue: “It is intended for peacemakers and people of goodwill all over Europe and the world. The first publication of this magazine is linked to the peace initiatives which are growing into a peace movement in the city of Sarajevo and in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The principal goal of the citizens here is to stop the war, to stop the suffering of the tens of thousands of innocent victims whose testimonies take one’s breath away. This magazine shall therefore record events and reactions from the people of public, cultural, and political life. It will be a source of information showing the dimension of the people’s resistance to the war in Yugoslavia which has so far been hidden by the scenes of suffering and death.” After the first issue, every issue titled "War issue", was published with the support of IPC’s international partners, for example, Associazione per la pace (Italy), Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie (Germany), and Arci Nova / Sprofondo (Italy).

The periodical includes many articles, and news against the Milosevic army, Republika Srpska as well as political, military, cultural, and art news during the Bosnian War. ’92 issue has “Urbicid[e] 1992” subject on the cover. (Source: WakeUp Europe online).