[RARE DESERT MOTOR-ROUTES FOR THE ANGLO-EGYPTIAN MOTORISTS] Egyptian Touring Association handbook 1939-40. Member of Alliance Internationale de Tourisme; federated with the Automobile Association of Great Britain. Preface by Sir Stenson Cooke

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President: H. E. SIR MILES LAMPSON, (1880-1964)., Egyptian Touring Association, Cairo, 1939.

Original green cloth. Title gilt in black "Egyptian Touring Association" and "ETA logo" to the front board. Foolscap 8vo. (17,5 x 13 cm). In English. 110 p. with rich separate advertisements, and a fine folded b/w map titled "Desert motor-routes" on a scale of 1:4,000,000. Slightly fading on cloth, otherwise a fine copy.

First and only edition of this rare complete and very detailed desert motor routes guide for the Anglo-Egyptian motorists, printed by the Egyptian Touring Association in Cairo, including details about hospitals, "what to do in cases of accidents on the roads", free legal defense, hotels, garages as well as itineraries, pedestrian crossings, speed limits in the country, parking regulations of Sharia Kasr el Nil, Adly Pasha, no-lights area, railway bridges, postal rates, exchange rates, rates of freight on motor cars by sea and rail, kilometers into miles, transcontinental road London - Istanbul with other useful information.

This guide was explained in the introduction as "This handbook has been compiled for the benefit of members and is issued to them free. Extra copies may be obtained from the Head Office, 3 Sh. Cattawi Bey, Kasr el Nil, Cairo, at the price of P.T. 10. It contains a good deal of useful information regarding touring of all kinds in Egypt and abroad including a list of recommended hotels and garages throughout the country. "The president of the Association which was founded in 1932, was H.E. Sir Miles Lampson (1880-1964). He was a British diplomat who was appointed High Commissioner for Egypt and Sudan in 1934. As a result of the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty in December 1936, to which Lampson was a signatory, Britain loosened its grip on Egypt and the post title was changed to Ambassador to Egypt and High Commissioner for Sudan in 1936. Lampson continued in this office until 1946. Vice presidents were Sir Stenson Cooke and J. A. Crawford. According to the ETA's service page of the guide, the purpose of the association can be determined as "Association was formed to provide a long-felt want in Egypt, that is, a touring club in the true sense of the word, devoted to the interests of all kinds of travelers. It's a non-profit making co-operative organization with the aim of making the path of the motorist, the airman, the camper, and every other kind of traveler pleasanter and smoother. The E.T.A. is officially recognized by the Egyptian Government and already in its short existence has grown enormously, being able to offer the following very real services to its members: Expert and detailed advice on all touring matters. Expert advice on motoring matters and vetting of cars. Free itineraries to all parts of Egypt and abroad. Reminders are sent to all members when a car and driving license is due for renewal. Renewal of car and driving licenses. Free legal defense for motoring offenses. Triptyques, carnets, and all documents for foreign touring, including passport arrangements. Agents at Alexandria, PortSaid, Suez, and the principal ports to look after the incoming and outgoing motorist and relieve him of all worry. A full stock of maps and guide books of Egypt and other countries. Up-to-date information on the state of roads and desert tracks. Welcome and help from the 100 odd touring clubs of the A.I.T. [i.e. the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme], of which the E.T.A. is a member. Recommended hotels and garages throughout Egypt and the Near East. Insurance for members can be effected at the most advantageous rates, and advice is given. Cars can be driven to any part of Egypt, by experienced drivers. Guides are provided. Other benefits, it is hoped, will be given in due of course.".

Not located in OCLC. "1938-39 Edition" of the series (not published more than two years) is located in OCLC in no. 862336537.