[PROPAGANDA / NAZI GERMANY] Yeni Alman mimarisi.= Neue Deutsche Baukunst. Preface by Rudolf Wolters with booklet of speech by Franz von Papen. [Including text of speech of Franz von Papen and Exhibition booklet]

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In modern aesthetic full leather bdg. Folio. (32 x 24 cm). Bilingual in German and Turkish. 103, [1] p., b/w plates. Includes exhibition booklet (15 pp., b/w ills.), and text of the speech of German ambassador (Franz von Papen) for this exhibition (4 pp.).

"The New German Architectural Exhibition opened in Ankara Exhibition House between 31st January and 15th February 1943 was one of the exhibitions opened during World War II. This exhibition occupied a distinctive place on the public agenda due to its size and effect in media on that date. A great number of Turkish authorities, foreign diplomatic representatives, and journalists attended the exhibition, which was opened with great efforts, and the leading role of the German Ambassador in Ankara, Franz von Papen, and such a situation caused the exhibition to attract attention. Even though the civil architectural and engineering works stopped completely in Germany during the War and some of the projects were draft and incomplete, they tried to be exhibited to give the impression of Nazi Germany's "great power" with the aim of propaganda. In Turkey's press, great praises were presented in writings towards the magnificence and architects of German architecture. Not only axis powers but also allied powers tried to attract the attention of the Turkish Government and the public agenda in Turkey using propaganda methods. As a result of such attempts, the UK opened exhibitions in 1944 on English architecture in Ankara first and then in Istanbul. Similar praises spent for German architecture were also presented to that of the UK. At this point, it may be stated that as for the War, Turkey followed a policy of active neutrality, Turkish media also followed the same policy." (Source: Küçük, Evren: An Example of Nazi Germany's Propaganda in Turkey: German Architectural Exhibitions in Ankara and Istanbul).