[POSTCARD / ÉMIGRÉ TATAR IMPRINT / MUSLIMS IN JAPAN] Lithographed portrait of Abdullah Tukay (Ghabdulla Möxəmmətgharif uli Tuqa)

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[Matbaa-yi Islâmiye, Tokyo, ca. 1930].

Original litho postcard. 9x14 cm. Descriptive text in Tatar with Arabic letters. Blank verso.

A very scarce lithographed postcard including an early b/w portrait of Abdullah Tukay (1886-1913). He was a Volga Tatar poet, critic, publisher, and towering figure of Tatar literature. Tukay is often referred to as the founder of modern Tatar literature and the modern Tatar literary language, which replaced Old Tatar. This uncommon ephemera is from the second group of postcards printed at Matbaa-i Islâmiye in Tokyo (Dündar). The second group of postcards from Matbaa-i Islâmiye includes a branch of series depicting the life of Tukay.

As of April 2024, we couldn’t trace any copies in OCLC, KVK.