[PHOTOS OF INEBOLU - BLACK SEA] Ten original photographs of Inebolu [Ionopolis]

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FOTO CEBE (SABRI CEBECIOGLU), (1900-1985), (Photographed by)., Foto Cebe., Inebolu - Kastamonu, (1929-1939).

Ten original gelatin silver photographs of different views and places of Inebolu district which is a seaside town of Kastamonu city of Turkey, located at the southern coast of the Black Sea. The photos taken by Foto Cebe, established by Sabri Cebecioglu (1900-1985) in Inebolu. Sabri Cebecioglu was a local Turkish photographer immortalizing Atatürk's travels to Kastamonu during the Hat Revolution. This was the world's first hat revolution took place in Turkey in 1925. On November 25 of that year, the parliament passed a law that made it mandatory for all men to wear Western-style hats in public places; all civil servants had to wear them, and no other type of hat would be allowed. 

All photos sizes' are 9x14 cm, versos of some have small notes in Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). A very good collection of photographs.

This photograph collection includes Inebolu's different views: An overhead view of the town center (1939), a view of the town center from the sea (1929), houses and a garden on the Black Sea coast, another view of the town center from the sea (same with 1929 one), buildings and houses of Inebolu (1929), houses and a mosque by the river (1937), houses and buildings (no date), Black Sea coast of the town (1936?), the coast of town with ships and view of the town center from the sea with fishermen's boats (no date). 

Inebolu is a town and district of the Kastamonu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is a typical Black Sea port town with many fine examples of traditional domestic architecture. Inebolu was initially called Aboniteichos. The name was changed to Ionopolis in the middle of the 2nd century CE. Over time, the name "Ionopolis" metamorphosed to "Inepolis", and then to "Inebolu", though sometimes spelled "Ineboli" by foreign travelers. By 1834, İnebolu was considered a sub-district of today's city of Kure (approx. 30 km (19 mi) inland), but it became a district in its own right in 1867. In the late 19th and early 20th century, Inebolu was part of the Kastamonu Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire. During the Turkish War of Independence, arms and ammunition were transferred to Anatolia through Inebolu. The town was attacked and defended itself with determination, for which it was honored with the Independence Medal by the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Atatürk initiated a campaign in İnebolu to reform personal appearance and "civilize" garments; Atatürk made a well-known speech about hats there. In accordance with the population exchange between Greece and Turkey in 1923, the town's Greek inhabitants were exiled to Greece. Many of these emigrants settled in a neighborhood called Inepolis in the Athenian suburb of Nea Ionia. (Source: Wikipedia).