[MALTA / NAVAL FORCES] Sanli Türk donanmasinin dost Ingiliz donanmasini Malta'da ziyareti, 19.7.1937. [i.e. Turkish fleet visiting friendly British naval forces in Malta].

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ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPH., N. p., Malta, 1937.

Original gelatin silver photograph mounted on cardboard. 21x48 cm. 

Handwritten Turkish note at the lower on empty section. Dated July 19, 1937. Slight fading on board. The photo is in very good condition.

It was very significant both politically and militarily showing a Turkish war fleet visiting the British navy in Valletta, the capital of Malta, in 1937. The commander of the fleet was Admiral Sükrü Okan (1880-1957). The Turkish fleet consisted of the cruisers and destroyers named Yavuz Selim, Adatepe, Tinaztepe, Kocatepe, and Zafer, as well as four submarines and the submarine mothership Erkin. This very scarce photograph shows the Turkish fleet with the English fleet in the Valletta port on July 19, 1937.