[PHOTOGRAPH PAPER CATALOGUE] Vephota: VEB Photopapierwerk Dresden

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Vephota., Dresden - Germany, [1960s].

Original blue cloth bdg. Folio. (40 x 30 cm). In German. [30] photographic plates.

Exceedingly rare photograph paper catalogue of Vephota Photographic Paper Manufacturer of Dresden, including 30 different types and thicknesses of paper and different printed photographic images. The types of paper numbered: V111, V113, V117, V118, V122, V123, V128, VR111, VR113, VR117, VR118, VR122, VR123, VR128, EPN113E, EPN123E, L1, L21, L111, L113, L117, L118, L122, L123, L128, SR1, SR21, CBN113E, CBN122, VA117, S1, S21. 

The catalogue includes fine examples of paper as well as fine photographs (huge sizes: 40x30 cm), including portraits, nudes, cats, military staff, and scenes of Eastern countries like Turkey (Anatolia), Egypt, Arabia, Denmark, and other European countries in very artistic style.