[PEN FIGHTS] Hüseyin Cahit Beye açik mektup. [SIGNED FIRST EDITION]

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AHMED BEDEVI KURAN, (1886-1966).

Türkiye Basimevi, Ist., N.d.

Paperback. 12mo. (16 x 12 cm). In Turkish. 47 p. Signed and inscribed by Kuran in Ottoman script in 16/7/[1]956. Ahmed Bedevi Kuran was a Turkish writer and politician. He is known as the biographer who wrote the history of the period he lived with a sound method. Ahmet Bedevi, a supporter of Prince Sabahattin, as opposed to the Committee of Union and Progress. This is a laudatory tractate written to Hüseyin Cahid Yalçin, (1875-1957), and his thoughts.