[PANORAMA OF CONSTANTINOPLE] Panorama du Bosphore, vue sur la côte d'Asie, pris de Robert College

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GÜLMEZ FRERES, (Photographed by), (Active 1870-1900)., Constantinople (Istanbul), [ca. 1885].

Fine and attractive original panoramic photograph of Constantinople, Istanbul, printing-out paper, 4-part, buildings captioned and credits in negatives in French. 70x9 cm. A dark print.

This panoramic photograph was taken by Gülmez Freres inside Robert College. Robert College was founded in Bebek by Christopher Robert, a wealthy American philanthropist, and Cyrus Hamlin, a missionary devoted to education in 1863.

The Gülmez Frères were three brothers, of Armenian origin, who established a photography studio in Istanbul, Turkey in 1870. A short time later, they took photos for the Ottoman court and Sultan Abdulhamid II.