[OTTOMAN MAP OF SERBIA] Sirbiyye haritasi

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N. p., [Istanbul], [1293 AH], 1877.


Original map lacked on cloth. 57x82 cm. In Ottoman script (Turkish with Arabic letters). Folded. A map including amazing and wonderful details of Ottoman Serbia in 1877. It shows Serbia with Turkish toponyms and borders of Austria-Hungary at the north, Vilâyat of Bosna (Bosnia) at the west, Memaliktin, and Viâyat of Tuna (Danube) at east and southeast. No scale, but it has a very large scale according to its details. North borders in red, south, west, and east borders of Serbia in blue lines.

Title of the map 'Sirbiyye Haritasi" [i.e. Map of Serbia] is in a very calligraphic style peculiar to the early Ottoman calligraphy. Under the title, there's a signature of the calligrapher as 'Cemal' (?).

Chipped and slightly foxed on paper. Otherwise a good copy.

Extremely rare. Not in TBMM Library.; Not in the National Library of Turkey.; Not in OCLC.  


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