[OTTOMAN MAP of PALESTINE] Filistin haritasi. 2 sheets set.

[OTTOMAN MAP of PALESTINE] Filistin haritasi. 2 sheets set.

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HÜSEYIN HÜSNÜ EMIR [ERKILET], (Map maker), (1883-1958).

Yildirim., [AH 1338], Ist., 1921.

Original map. Oblong atlas folio. (57 x 77 cm). In Ottoman script. Folded. Stains on the upper side. Slightly chipped margins. Filistin haritasi. Scale: 1/250.000. Erkilet was an officer of the Ottoman Army and the general of the Turkish Army. In fall 1941 he, along with General Ali Fuad Erden, visited the occupied territories in Ukraine (including Crimea) on the invitation of Gerd von Rundstedt. From there he and other Turkish officers flew to Rastenburg to meet Hitler in person. In 1943 he published his essays on that trip under the title "What I Saw on the Eastern Front". Being a staunch Turanist, he was briefly detained for Panturkic activities in 1948 together with some other prominent Turanists. 

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