[OTTOMAN ENGINEERING SCHOOL] Mir'ât-i Mühendishâne-i Berrî-i Hümâyûn

[OTTOMAN ENGINEERING SCHOOL] Mir'ât-i Mühendishâne-i Berrî-i Hümâyûn

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MEHMED ES'AD, (Kolagasi, Turkish / Ottoman soldier, writer), (1851-1919).


Karabet Matbaasi., Istanbul, [AH.: 1312], 1895.


Original fine and very decorative brown 1/3 leather bdg. with five compartments on the spine. Demy 8vo. (22 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script. 394, [5] p.

Mir'ât-i Mühendishâne-i Berrî-i Hümâyûn. History of Istanbul Technical University in the period of the Ottoman Empire. This book sheds light on the history of Istanbul Technical University, an institution that still functions in modern-day Turkey. Originally written by Kolagasi Mehmed Esad, a tutor at the Institute of Warfare, the book was first published in 1896. The school was first founded in 1795 under the name Mir'ât-i Mühendishâne-i Berrî-i Hümâyûn, with the aim of teaching sciences and applying this knowledge in military affairs. It took the following names in subsequent years: in 1909 it was called School of Engineering, in 1928 Institute of High Engineering, in 1941 School of High Engineering, and in 1944 Istanbul Technical University. The introduction talks about the aims of the school, explaining why there was a need for a school of engineering in the Ottoman Empire and what conditions were needed to establish one. The curriculum, the provenance of the teachers, what they taught, how the students were recruited, and the subjects covered, are amongst the topics that are explained in detail. The Book of Regulations (Nizamname) is included, which elaborates on the rules surrounding education.

There is also detailed information on all the courses. At the end of the book, there is a list of all the teachers, as well as some biographical information on the high-level military personnel who taught at the school. There is also some brief information on the foreign tutors that worked at the school in 1849 and the tutors that passed away. The book outlines how the courses were marked and include a list of 'regulations' that were used to control the behavior of the students at the school. While the book includes a glossary which helps with the Ottoman vocabulary, this is still a difficult read for people who are not well acquainted with the Ottoman language. This is a study that will be of use to people interested in military history. (Source: Mir'ât-i Mühendishâne-i Berrî-i Hümâyûn: The History of Istanbul Technical University. Feryal Tansug., Translated by Aysu Dinçer).

Extremely rare.

Özege 13735.; Only one copy in OCLC: 83331197 (Karl Süssheim Collection - Library of Congress). First Edition.

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