Original photograph signed by Hasan Mutlucan.

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HASAN MUTLUCAN, (Singer of Coup - Turkish folk music singer), (1926-2011).

Stüdyo Yasar., [ca. 1960-1970], Beyoglu - Istanbul.

Original b/w photograph signed and inscribed by Hasan Mutlucan. 14x cm. Hasan Mutlucan was Turkish folk music (ballad) singer. His father died while he was six. In Istanbul, he began working in a theatre group as an assistant decorator. Soon he took several small roles. But he preferred a music career. In the late 1940s, he attended the conservatoire of İstanbul municipality. With his exceptionally low bass voice, he was offered a position in the opera. But he preferred to sing folk songs. Among the folk songs, especially those with epic lyrics, were his favorites. After 1973, he began singing epic style songs in Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. After the 1980 Turkish coup d'état, his songs were played so often that he was nicknamed the "singer of the coup", though he vigorously denied any association to the military government and announced that he was a democrat.