Original photograph signed and inscribed 'M. Nur'.

Original photograph signed and inscribed 'M. Nur'.

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MUHTEREM NUR, (Turkish film actress and pop music singer), (1932-2020).

Fazil Durukan Artist Röportaj Stüdyosu., [ca. 1955], Ist.

Original b/w portrait photograph signed and inscribed by Muhterem Nur as 'Sükür Hanim'a iyi dileklerimle'. 14x9 cm. In Turkish. Muhterem Nur [Aysel Muhterem Kisa] was a Turkish film actress and pop music singer. She was born as Aysel Kısa on December 31, 1932, in Bitola (Turkish: Manastir), Vardar Banovina, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. She lost her 16-year-old mother at her birth and never knew her father. She was raised by her maternal aunt, whom she called "mother". She was renamed "Olga" as a result of the Yugoslavian regime's assimilation campaign. All ethnic Turks and other Muslims in Yugoslavia were forced to adopt Christian names and renounce all Muslim customs. She debuted in cinema as a background actress in the 1951 movie, Yildizlar Revüsü ("Revue of Stars"). She continued to play in movies as an extra, earning five times more than she received in the factory. She played as a supporting actress in more than twenty movies before she got a lead role in the 1958 movie, Üç Arkadas, in which she portrayed a blind girl. In the film directed by Memduh Ün, which became very successful, she shared the lead role with Fikret Hakan (born 1934). Thanks to her baby-like face and naive acting artistry, she was rooted suddenly in the hearts of cinema fans and climbed up the ladders very quickly. Despite rising up to main actress roles in a very short time and playing in many movies, Muhterem Nur had difficulties continuing in cinema due to change of the era in movie themes during the period between 1965 and 1967. From 1965 on, she vocationally performed dancing and, from 1967, took the stage as a singer in low-priced music halls. In 1967, she was jailed for ten days because of unpaid bills. She confessed that once, in 1972, she was so destitute, she was unable to even buy a simit, Turkish bagel. Muhterem Nur returned to the cinema and starred sparsely in movies until 2002. Muhterem Nur is considered by the Turkish audience the first real star of Turkish cinema. She portrayed the ignored and discriminated-against woman, digressing from the role of the bourgeoisie woman. She was known as the Yesilçam's most weepy actress, who at the same time drew tears and made spectators tear handkerchiefs. Even though it is not documented, she is one of the most important female figures of Turkish cinema due to the box office record of her films shot in the 1950s and 1960s. (Wikipedia).

Signed by the singer.

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