[OPTICAL PHYSICS BY TURKISH MAN OF LETTERS] Ayineler (Asir Kütübhânesi 29). [i.e. Mirrors]

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NABIZÂDE NÂZIM, (1862-1893), Kasbar Matbaasi, Istanbul, [AH 1310] = 1892.

Modern half-leather bdg. 12mo. (13 x 10 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). 29 p., 8 numbered lithographed ills.

First and only edition of this exceedingly rare illustrated book on "optics" in physics, written by Nabizâde Nâzim (1862-1893), who was the author of "Karabibik", which is considered the first Turkish realistic village novel, and "Zehra", the first naturalist and psychological novel in Turkish literature. This uncommon scientific book on physics is brief and introductory.

Özege 1401.; Only one copy in OCLC 1030751097 (Orient-Institut of Istanbul).

-- History of Science Middle East Optical Physics