[NORTH AFRICA / THE FRENCH OCCUPATION / ALGERIA] Mir'atü'l-Cezayir. [i.e. The mirror of Algeria]. Translated by Ali Sevki

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ALI RIZA PASHA, (?-1876)., N. p., Istanbul, [AH 1293] = 1876.

Full modern morocco in Ottoman style. Demy 8vo. (21 x 14 cm). In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). [5], [7], 142 p. First three pages were repaired in its contemporary period. Foxing on paper, some chippings on extremities. A good/fair copy. Hegira-Hijri: 1293 = Gregorian: 1876.

Extremely rare first edition of this unusual travel and military account of Algeria by Ali Riza Pasha (?-1876), which is inspired by his father's book with the same title, published in 1833 by Imprimerie Goetschy publishing house in Paris. Ali Riza Pasha's father (Hamdan Efendi) was an Ottoman scholar who wrote his book in Arabic during the French occupation years, with contributions from Hassuna Dayi of Tripoli, who was the last Dey [i.e. a kind of administrator of Turkish origin] of the Deylik of Algiers [i.e. The Regency of Algiers was a state in North Africa lasting from 1516 to 1830 until it was occupied by the French]. Ali Riza Pasha also wrote this presented book, which is also in Arabic with the same name, by taking advantage of his father's work and other French history books as well. This book includes a first-hand and eyewitness account of historically important events in Algeria, soon after the French occupation, which took place between 1830 and 1903, printed in Istanbul as translated by Ali Sevki.

Ali Riza Pasha, a former governor of Bursa city (Hüdavendigâr), was the son of Hamdan Hodja (1773-1842), a wealthy man and one of the leading scholars and statesmen of Algeria during the French occupation.

Özege 13756. Kursun, p.172.