Mustalahât. [i.e. Nomenclature].

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Mahmud Bey Matbaasi., Ist., [AH 1303] = 1886.

Original cloth. Foolscap 8vo. (18 x 12 cm). In Ottoman script. 96 p. Mustafa Hasim Pasha, (1852-1920), was one of the Ottoman grand viziers of Georgian origin. He was the son of Sheik Al-Islam Ahmed Muhtar, (1807-1882). He served as the President of the Court of Justice and the Undersecretariat of the Ministry of Justice. An early short lexicon about terms that are mostly in Arabic and Persian, as well as from western languages to Turkish. Hegira 1303 = Gregorian 1886. First and Only Edition. OCLC 949504769, 841918587, 634966045. (Only three institutional copies in OCLC: Aga Khan Library, London and Bogaziçi University Library in Istanbul, and Universitatsbibliothek Munchen in Germany).; Özege 14523.