[MIDDLE EAST / CONSTANTINOPLE / ISTANBUL] Nineteen original photographs showing Ottoman architectural buildings and social life in Istanbul and the Bosphorus

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ALI ENIS [OZA], (Turkish photographer), (?-1948), Istanbul (Constantinople), after 1923.

Original nineteen mostly large photographs by Ali Enis Oza. Eight photos: 18x13 cm, six photos: 23x16,5 cm, two photos: 25x18 cm, one photo: 15x10 cm, one photo: 28,5x18 cm, one photo: 25,5x20,5 cm. Some of them are mounted on cardboards and several ones have "Ali Eniss" as studio sign on photograph papers. Slightly chipped on extremities on two photos, otherwise a very good collection. 

A fine photograph collection by Turkish photographer Ali Enis Oza, shot his photographs in the early Republican period of Istanbul. His photos are extremely rare in the market and institutional holdings. This collection includes architectural buildings in very artistic style like Camondo Stairs, mosques of Istanbul, scenes from the shores of the Bosphorus, beaches, calligraphic plates, and scenes from the Galata Bridge with a pair of the earliest Republican arches in Ottoman script, snowy ground, and trees, etc. Social life and figures are in almost all photos of him. 

Ali Enis Oza started photography in 1900 and studied photography in Paris. He wouldn't use a small format machine. Whatever size he wanted to take the photos in, he would take it with the film in the same size. It did not enlarge or reduce in print. When he was going to shoot in a large format, he would take a few people with him to transport his equipment. He was interested in the natural and historical beauties of our country, Ottoman architecture, calligraphy, ornamentation, and handicrafts. (Source: Sanat Garaji Online).