[MAP / THE IMPERIAL OTTOMAN IN 1909 / BALKANS / NORTH AFRICA] Peninsule des Balkans - Empire Ottoman. [Carte géographique].

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E. NARDIN, (French cartographer), (18.-19. century)., Librarie Garnier Freres., Paris, [1909].

This attractive color lithographed map shows the Imperial Ottoman territories in the Balkan Peninsula, Anatolia, also North African shores and Maghreb countries, Egypt and Vilayet de Tripoli (Libya) and Liva de Benghasi. It has small views with a small scale of Tripoli, Europe, Egypt, and Nubia with the Arabian Peninsula. This map reflects the territories and situation of the last period of the Ottoman Empire soon after the Second Constitutional Era in 1908. Inside the red lines in this map shows the Ottoman territories in 1909 with its maximum extent, just before the Balkan Wars, (1912-1913). In Europe, Western Thrace territories up to Montenegro including Adrianople are within the borders of the Empire. E. Nardin was a French cartographer who prepared more than sixty maps in the early 19th century, especially mapping Middle Eastern, North African, Sub-Saharan African areas.

Original color lithograph folded map in its original wrappers. Oblong double elephant folio. (77x95 cm). Wrappers dimensions: (21,5x14 cm). In French. Echelle 1/4.165.000 (Scale). Only two copies in OCLC. Extremely rare. No date.