[MAP OF ARABIAN PENINSULA] Arabistan haritasi.

[MAP OF ARABIAN PENINSULA] Arabistan haritasi.

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NESET ÇAGATAY, (Turkish professor, academician, expert on the histoy of Islam), (1917-2000).

N.p., [Ank.?], [ca. 1960].

Original color (green-toned) folded map. 26x26 cm. In Turkish (Modern with Latin alphabet). 1 p. It shows the Sahara area's borders, ancient roads of trade, valleys, desserts, and tribes with their political distribution in the peninsula. Scale: 1:12500000. Neset Çagatay, (1917-2000), was a Turkish academician. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History, and Geography in 1940. He became an assistant to Professor M. Fuad Köprülü, (1890-1966). He worked as lecturer professors of Islamic History, History of Islamic Sects, History of Islamic Arts, Classical Religious Turkish Texts, Turkish and Islamic Literature, and Islamic Law.

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