[MANUSCRIPT / TIME-KEEPING IN BOSNIA] An Ottoman rûznâme of Bosnia

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N.A., Ottoman Bosnia, [late 19th century].

Original manuscript on paper mounted on cloth. 88x10 cm. In Ottoman script (Old Turkish with Arabic letters). Diagonal tables surrounded by marginal text. A period illustrated paper with Ottoman flags (Constitutional celebrations label) dated [AH 1324] mounted on serlevha (heading), some repairs, but still wear and chipped on extremities and surface, some affected the text, foxing and stains. Otherwise, a complete scroll in good/fair condition.

A rare Ottoman manuscript scroll written diagonally in black and red ink in nasta'liq calligraphy within panels and numerical charts, in the late 19th century Ottoman Bosnia-Herzegovina. The copier and/or calligrapher and date are not indicated.

The manuscript contains exact times for prayers on each day of the Hijri year for the Bosnian region. This is complemented by a gurrename or listing of the start of each of the twelve lunar months. Knowledge of such events was deemed to be so important that Ottoman calligraphers would prepare lavishly decorated almanacs such as these as souvenirs. (British Library). This copy apparently was used by a Muslim scholar in Bosnia in the late 19th century.